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True Wii Homebrew Around the Corner

There is a new product which promises to open up the Nintendo Wii to Homebrew Development. This device called the Drive Doctor, by Datel, will allow you to view and modify memory currently running on your Wii. This capability allows you to run any code you want but unfortunately the Drive Doctor does have a […]


WAB team searches for elusive gap in Wii security

Over the past week few weeks we have been watching the WAB team make attempts at figuring out what makes the Wii tick. After many attempts and long nights dumping data on several chips they have found out that the bios is in fact encrypted along with most other chips. With everything being encrypted the […]


Datel releases Homebrew SDMedia Launcher

True Nintendo Wii homebrew is inching forward day by day and with this latest release from datel you are able to launch GameCube homebrew natively on the Wii. Before we had to enter countless numbers of Action Replay codes to run homebrew using the AR method. But now all you need to do is merely […]


New Nintendo Wii Modchip, the CYCLO-WIZ

CYCLO-WIZ, by Team Cyclops, is the only upgradeable Wii modchip out on the market at the moment. This chip allows you to play all your Nintendo Wii and GameCube backups and GameCube Homebrew software. It does not however run Wii Homebrew. This is still a great chip though because now you wont need to use […]


Create your own Nintendo Wii “back-up” games

Good news for those of you who claim you are only backing up your games for archiving purposes. As luck would have it you can now create backups of your Nintendo Wii game collection via PC. But at 50 hours per Wii disc dump this is not for the faint of heart. Only the dedicated […]


Nintendo GC & Wii Security Flaws

Tmbinc did a speech at a Video Game Console Conference the other day. The video is up on youtube and has some very interesting info about security flaws in the GameCube which led to it’s modchips, and subsequently the flaws in the Wii which open the door for modchips.
GameCube flaws inherited by the Wii?
It comes […]