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The Wii is really just an improved version of the GameCube that consists of an IBM 729MHz CPU, an ATI graphics card clocked at 243 MHz, 88 MB of RAM in total, a DVD drive, wireless 802.11b/g, and 512 MB of flash based memory. Since it is so heavily based on the GameCube it wont be too long until the hardware is emulated. Even now as we speak you can run GameCube Homebrew on the Wii such as SNES or NES Emulators and with modchips already on the market you no longer need an Action replay to run GameCube homebrew.

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Turn your Nintendo Wii into a WiiCR

Why not watch all those episodes of Mythbusters you have on your Nintendo Wii? But lets not worry about media tastes or how one obtains the media from the Internet and get right to the point.

About WiiCR

Created by Jacob Jarick (mem) is a media player solution for the Nintendo Wii. It acts as a streaming media server and is capable of transcoding nearly any video file to a suitable flv for an embedded flash player. It allows browsing of the remote filesystem to view: videos (avi/xvid/divx/mpeg/wmv/etc), text files, jpg’s and play mp3s.

If you haven’t noticed by now the name WiiCR comes from the abbreviation VCR. WiiCR allows you to watch videos from your PC on your Wii, much in the same way as you can watch videos on youtube.com or dailymotion.com. (more…)


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