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The Wii is really just an improved version of the GameCube that consists of an IBM 729MHz CPU, an ATI graphics card clocked at 243 MHz, 88 MB of RAM in total, a DVD drive, wireless 802.11b/g, and 512 MB of flash based memory. Since it is so heavily based on the GameCube it wont be too long until the hardware is emulated. Even now as we speak you can run GameCube Homebrew on the Wii such as SNES or NES Emulators and with modchips already on the market you no longer need an Action replay to run GameCube homebrew.

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WAB team searches for elusive gap in Wii security

Over the past week few weeks we have been watching the WAB team make attempts at figuring out what makes the Wii tick. After many attempts and long nights dumping data on several chips they have found out that the bios is in fact encrypted along with most other chips. With everything being encrypted the data that was dumped is not very useful at all. This isnt too much of a surprise to us considering where past modchips came from. The thing that is catching our attention is their dedication to open up the wii to homebrew even after many failed attempts.


Nintendo GC & Wii Security Flaws

Tmbinc did a speech at a Video Game Console Conference the other day. The video is up on youtube and has some very interesting info about security flaws in the GameCube which led to it’s modchips, and subsequently the flaws in the Wii which open the door for modchips.

GameCube flaws inherited by the Wii?

It comes down to 2 flaws which allowed GameCube Homebrew and ISO Backups. This first is a little bit more difficult to exploit than the second but both opened huge doorways. The interesting bit is that Nintendo did not learn from their past mistakes with the GameCube and some of the flaws are still present in the Nintendo Wii. Perhaps they don’t really care that much since game console hacking may be inevitable nowadays. That may have been a reason to include the Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii. By providing “Emulation” software the need for homebrew emulators is reduced. (more…)


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