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The Wii is really just an improved version of the GameCube that consists of an IBM 729MHz CPU, an ATI graphics card clocked at 243 MHz, 88 MB of RAM in total, a DVD drive, wireless 802.11b/g, and 512 MB of flash based memory. Since it is so heavily based on the GameCube it wont be too long until the hardware is emulated. Even now as we speak you can run GameCube Homebrew on the Wii such as SNES or NES Emulators and with modchips already on the market you no longer need an Action replay to run GameCube homebrew.

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Create your own Nintendo Wii “back-up” games

Good news for those of you who claim you are only backing up your games for archiving purposes. As luck would have it you can now create backups of your Nintendo Wii game collection via PC. But at 50 hours per Wii disc dump this is not for the faint of heart. Only the dedicated will emerge 2 days later with their backup copy only to find that there is still no way to put it to any use. Until the Nintendo Wii can play a copied disc this is nothing more than a proof of concept.

Requirements for Dumping a Wii disc

Dumping the entire Nintendo Wii game disc only works with LG and Hitachi drives. Specifically one of the LG-8164b, LG-8163b or LG-8162b DVD-ROM drives. You will also need .NET framework 2.0 installed on your PC.

The instructions in full can be found here: (more…)


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