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The Wii is really just an improved version of the GameCube that consists of an IBM 729MHz CPU, an ATI graphics card clocked at 243 MHz, 88 MB of RAM in total, a DVD drive, wireless 802.11b/g, and 512 MB of flash based memory. Since it is so heavily based on the GameCube it wont be too long until the hardware is emulated. Even now as we speak you can run GameCube Homebrew on the Wii such as SNES or NES Emulators and with modchips already on the market you no longer need an Action replay to run GameCube homebrew.

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Nintendo Wii Introducing Geeks to Physical Activity

The fact is there are some of us out there that don’t really see sports as fun. Maybe some of us enjoy sports but do we get enough physical activity in our day to day lives? Clearly one does not need to look at sheets of data to know that most north Americans don’t.

Will Wii Sports help us out?

So why is it that Wii Sports are appealing even to non-athletes? Could it be because its so easy that no skill is required or maybe its the cool new interface. Personally I believe its a little of both and with the Wii Sports Pack coming soon the virtual sports are stepping closer to the real thing. (more…)


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