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Naming Conventions for Event Tracking #1 Use descriptive names for event categories, event actions and event labels. I added the following rule:if (window.GoogleAnalyticsObject) {// Detected prev GA script__myGa = window[window.GoogleAnalyticsObject];} else {// Default initalization of my __myGa} Reply 0 Likes 0 Likes FULL REPLY EDITOR Re: Universal Analytics Works brilliantly and I really liked your addition on bounce count. Verify the tracking code doesn't contain any of the common tracking code errors. Source

To view detailed reporting information for lower-traffic pageviews, you can set up a new view (profile) with a filter to remove all the higher traffic pageviews, which effectively allows the remaining I've found this tool from Google to be really helpful in debugging Analytics. To test if redirects are causing campaign tracking issues, click a referral or tagged link pointing to your website and look for the proper campaign data in the utmcc parameter. In my example we are setting the category to "outbound", the action to "click", and the label to the url of the link. https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Google-Analytics-Code/Universal-Analytics-Event-Tracking-Not-Working-in-FireFox/td-p/500862

Google Analytics Debug

For example:

Other commonly used form event handlers are: onBlur, onChange, onReset and onSelect. Reply Jeremy Should the outbound link tracking javascript be included in the tags of the regular analytics tracking code in the head, or do I have to put it somewhere else? Typically used for brick and mortar applications in ecommerce. utmhid=2059107202 utmipc Product Code.

Reply Merx Hi there, I have the universal analytics added in the header and I have added your script in the footer just before the tag. Reply Mike D Hey James, Where do i put the code snippet if i am running Genesis framework for WordPress? Reply jnks i could make this work with the full version of the code but not the minified version. Command Ignored. Unknown Target: Undefined For anyone tracking Events, the switch to Universal Analytics means some additional work, as the code example above would no longer function in UA and would need to be updated on

This book has been written to help you, in implementing attribution modelling. Ga Send Event Not Working Reply Derek This is great. Any value that is not a string, such as a booleans, object literals, functions or arrays, should be passed in without quotation marks. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15744042/events-not-being-tracked-in-new-google-analytics-analytics-js-setup The real time events report in GA does not provide any such information.

This information is then is stored in the cookie for your site and sent in the utmcc parameter of the GIF request. Google Analytics Send Event Reply gagarine Many thanks for this script. So action names needs to be unique. If I'm reading it right, the article is assuming that in clicking the link, the script doesn't load before the browser is directed to the next page.

Ga Send Event Not Working

Analytics tracking code issues Using incorrect snippet and/or viewing the wrong account or view If you track multiple websites and/or have access to multiple Analytics accounts, you might be using the But unlike event category, if you do not supply the even action value while setting up event tracking, then the tracked event (without event action) will still be counted in the ‘Total events' Google Analytics Debug If all of these elements are being sent correctly, the data should appear in your reports within 24 hours at the latest. Google Analytics Event Tracking Not Working Click on the Generator tab.Navigate to your site (or any page that has Google Analytics Tracking code installed).Verify that a request is made for either urchin.js or ga.js Check that a

If you want to track forms via Google Tag Manager then read the following articles: #1 Tracking Form Submissions via Google Tag Manager #2 Tracking Form Fields via Google Tag Manager http://wiiemulator.net/not-working/okay-google-not-working.html if a user clicks on the ‘play’ button of a same video 5 times, then GA reports total events as 5 but unique events (number of unique interactions that occurred in Make sure you are accessing the correct account and view (profile) in the reporting UI. Not the answer you're looking for? Ga Send Pageview Not Working

Thanks in advance Bill Reply James Hi Bill. One which do not generate pageviews when they occur like: clicking on an external link, loading of Ajax/Flash content, downloading a file, viewing of a video, scrolling a web page, clicking All of these events can or can not generate pageviews when they occur. http://wiiemulator.net/not-working/eclipse-debug-doesn-39-t-stop-at-breakpoint.html My boss asks me to stop writing small functions and do everything in the same loop How do you combine the elements in Sheldon's T-shirt?

Reply James It depends how you structure your Javascript. _gaq Is Not Defined But where do the script knows to which google analytics account it should submit the event? The web page element could be: # video # gadget # podcast # image # button # form # scroll bar # external link # light box # Ajax content etc.

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utmipc=989898ajssi utmipn Product Name, which is a URL-encoded string. Used for events and custom variables. Outbound Link Tracking With Google Universal Analytics A piece of Javascript code to track outbound clicks in Google Analytics. 97 Comments Queops de Souza Martins oops sorry, I meant… it does Google Analytics Api I had to create a new property and select "Universal Analytics" instead of "Classic Analytics" (it is labeled as "beta").

Since event value accepts value of type integer, the code above will create tracking issues. The GATC code then uses a combination of page URL and referral parameters to identify the campaign being sent. Worked like a charm Reply kost Looks like typo: win = (typeof(this.getAttribute(‘target') == ‘string')) ? http://wiiemulator.net/not-working/not-working-ok-google.html Back to Top Debugging Tools The GIF request has number of name/value parameters attached to its URL.

Resources) Firefox Live HTTP Headers Firefox Firebug Firefox Charles Internet Explorer Fiddler Internet Explorer Charles Safari Built-in Activity window Safari Charles Once you install the tool and have it set up, Browse other questions tagged events google-analytics jquery analytics.js or ask your own question. There's various things still to do yet. For more information on variables that the Analytics tracking code uses, visit the developer documentation for the Universal Analytics (analytics.js) JavaScript library. Share this: Was this article helpful?How can we

Frustrated would be an understatement. How do you deal with a picky eater on a backpacking trip? Verify the components of the request in the Params tab. Extra whitespace or characters Be sure to copy the snippet and paste it directly onto your website using either a text editor or an editor that preserves code formatting.

Reply James The code assumes that you've already included the standard universal analytics code snippet from Google. I combine and minify all my own scripts into a single file that is called at the end of the document. For details, see the article on Include and exclude filters. Reply EAC I am having a similar experience to Merx.

Make sure that the account and view (profile) you are looking at (Analytics Settings -> edit -> check status) has the same domain ID as the one being sent in the If yes, it would be the right solution for my needs. But in this case there is no page change. If you use the Universal Analytics (analytics.js) to track your sites, you can enable analytics_debug.js, the debug version of analytics.js, to troubleshoot the tracking code.

Reply Mike Hi, I tried implementing the script in order to be able to track mailto: links as events using Universal Analytics. Further: See Todd Motto's Flare - an event tracking script for Universal Analytics. For example: ga(‘send','event','videos','Play','chappy',100,{‘nonInteraction': true}); Here, Google Analytics will automatically assume that: event category is ‘videos’, event action is ‘Play’ event label is ‘Chappy’ event value is 100 When you do not What I had to do was explicitly use the synchronous analytics API.

Since a user can interact with a web page element via: mouse, keyboard, frame or form, we can have four categories of event handlers: Mouse event handlers Keyboard event handlers Frame I've never used it myself. Reply James What's the URL?