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Include Virtual Html


If you can't get this page then xampp still isn't running correctly. If both attempts fail, you can try contacting your server people to see if they'll configure the server for you, but they probably won't or they would have already. Back on topic, i tried changing index.html to index.shtml and opened it again in chrome and the background was not red. If you have a php file but you call it index.html it just serves it without processing it because the server doesn't know to process it as a php file. have a peek here

Like so: That forward slash before the first directory is representative of the domain name (server root for that domain). /home#/username/public_html/ is the server root to your Main Sorry! Speaking on which, thank you @TechnoBear for teaching me how to highlight off-topic (parts of) posts. Log In Html include not working HTML & CSS team1504 2012-01-20 23:52:50 UTC #1 Hello, I was hoping someone could help me figure out why my html include was not working. https://www.sitepoint.com/community/t/html-include-not-working/9994

Include Virtual Html

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