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Virtualmin Php Not Working


The very next message in that thread goes on to cover all of the steps involved in setting up FastCGI, Suexec, and multiple versions of PHP in Virtualmin GPL. I'm fear now with possible to someone download my php code. I did all that now. Those are the obvious candidates for blame. have a peek here

EDIT: Since then, I have got fastcgi to work. My Apache is compiled with SuEXEC support and I use SuexecUserGroup as you do. I wish you could specify a fcgid ONLY mode, that would cause other things to kick in such as allowing mpm worker for apache, which then invalidates the php configuration variables Log in or register to post comments

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Virtualmin Php Not Working

You also need to copy php.ini into the etc/php5 directory within the users home. I am trying to set up one of the domains I had prior to the update to work with PHP 5.4 and the only way I can seem to get it I'd be happy to assist with this. I manually added the +ExecCGI part to the directives to work around this, but this problem does make the virtualmin modify-web --all-domains --mode fcgid command rather useless.

  • For instance the /etc/apache2/httpd.conf is an empty file.
  • Here's a guide on installing suPHP for VirtualMin: http://www.tech-and-dev.com/2012/11/installing-suphp-on-centos-with-virt...
  • It took me many hours of searching and trying before I got it to work.
  • everything works but php.
  • Actually php5_cgi.conf also includes that SetHandler application/x-httpd-php line which needs to be commented out.
  • this can be done on a per-domain basis at Server Configuration -> Website Options.
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Easy. Log in or register to post comments Pages1 2 next › last » Account Help Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Site Search Skip to main content Web Hosting and Cloud I have to restart the apache server to kick in the changes. Apache Enable Fastcgi Thank you!

It can, of course, be done in GPL...and it's not even all that hard: Add to httpd.conf in the public_html Directory section within the relevant VirtualServer section: AddHandler fcgid-script .php5
FCGIWrapper The one I'm using doesn't have the file "/etc/apache2/mods-available/php5_cgi" in it. Right now, I'm a little uncomfortable with hard-coding things like /home/username into the httpd.conf--if the username ever changes (through Virtualmin), will all occurrences be updated? It's something you can configure by going into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and changing the PHP Execution Mode. -Eric Log in or register to post comments #25 Tue, 10/07/2008 -

My SuEXEC works with this configuration - might be worth trying. Php5 Fcgi Also, I wonder if I should do these steps with each and every virtual server account so that the PHP scripts won't be broken? One way to do that is to run this command as root: a2dismod ihidata.org Once you've disabled that domain in Apache, you should then be able to restart Apache. It is owned by the user and is executable and not writable by g/o.

Virtualmin Enable Php

You really should look at just how broke the current mod_fcgid is! https://www.virtualmin.com/node/13739 Are you guys planing on a fix for this issue? Virtualmin Php Not Working I can change the value to CGI or FCGI, running as the server's owner or not, my PHP script has no writing permission and creates files (in a 0777 directory!) as Virtualmin Mod_php Log in or register to post comments #10 Sun, 01/25/2015 - 01:53 (Reply to #9) Mythrell This did it to me too.

If you are open to it, I'd be happy to work with you and write up some sort of initial document of ideas that I have and go from there. navigate here if this thread is going to be stickied. After a system upgrade, my PHP module got re-enabled and the entire beautiful suexec setup died. but that just means you'd need to manually edit your Apache config, and comment out the line that's loading the module you no longer want. -Eric Log in or register to Virtualmin Php Files Downloading

In the server settings, templates, there is a menu choice for "PGP wrapper scripts", where, I can say automatic generation, OR, I can specify a specific script. After installation i got an error about suexec. Or at the very least you should tell users this on the page about the install script. (And tell them also that mysql-php link is not installed). Check This Out This is my virtual host file: SuexecUserGroup "#1001" "#1002" ServerName robertgrab.com ServerAlias www.robertgrab.com webmail.robertgrab.com admin.robertgrab.com lists.robertgrab.com server3.robertgrab.com DocumentRoot /home/grab/public_html ErrorLog /var/log/virtualmin/robertgrab.com_error_log CustomLog /var/log/virtualmin/robertgrab.com_access_log combined ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/grab/cgi-bin/ ScriptAlias /awstats

Cheers, Paul Log in or register to post comments #35 Fri, 02/20/2009 - 00:48 (Reply to #34) pixel_paul Pro Licensee actually the link I posted previously is in reference to executing Mod_fcgid: Error Reading Data From Fastcgi Server I did all that now. I updated from virtualmin interface when it wanted one.

Thanks, Log in or register to post comments #7 Thu, 10/09/2008 - 00:11 (Reply to #6) HostHoboGuy andreychek wrote:
Howdy, To enable it for all future sites, go into System

Yes No Create alias websites by Creating Redirect virtual host Creating permanent Redirect virtual host Creating ProxyPass virtual host Adding ServerAlias to parent Port number for virtual hosts Port number for Log in or register to post comments #20 Wed, 11/28/2012 - 08:14 andreychek Hmm, well, it sounds like something was already out of the ordinary to begin with, and it's possible So actually my question is now different: what can prevent on a system to enable the FCGI (or CGI) setting in Virtualmin? (actually I can enable it, it just has no Php File Downloading Instead Of Executing It's really bad.

Log in or register to post comments #50 Wed, 05/27/2009 - 17:16 (Reply to #49) andreychek Yeah, that all looks pretty good. Still 403. I don't know why mod_apache was uninstalled. this contact form You have two options, 1.

The mod_fcgid virtualmin loads is many years old, it has bugs that we cannot live with as the server will crash. My php scripts still don't work.