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Can't Connect To Virgin Wifi


It fluctuates between low to good but only stays connected for a few minutes. They should just call it a 10GB 4G plan with unlimited throttled data thereafter, or something of the like. It's possible that it could take some time to refresh on your account when viewed online (ex. 24 hrs). USB ports have an overload protection circuit to prevent damage from a short or current overload. Source

You may be able to play an online game if latency won't cause problems in the game. Apr 26, 2012 Rating mc760 by: elmo I purchased a MC760 USB stick. Have attempted to resolve through Tech Support....somewhere in India. It wasn't until my second month where the issues kicked in. http://help.virginmedia.com/system/viewArticle.jsp?uuid=0D4E495E-CEF7-4CBB-8286-A258BA1CB45B

Can't Connect To Virgin Wifi

I recently purchased a Mifi 2200 from Walmart ("Internet on the Go" from TruConnect) because they have better data plans. If you use Virgin Media's Wireless Manager software, open it to see the current signal strength. Hope it stays like this while I'm here!

Then all of a sudden, Windows started seeing the adapter as a Virtual CD-ROM drive. Do not buy anything from them. Thanks. Virgin Media Wifi Not Working On Phone Support is very slow and you get nowhere.You would think all the money you pay for Broadband that they would have more secure connections.Totally ruined my day and computer.

That was a year ago; my device was just past its warranty.The usb device downloads the drivers now though as if there never was a problem.This august the service went from Virgin Media Wifi Not Working On Iphone There's a problem on THEIR end and they never bothered notifying customers that the due date was wrong. I would strongly seek damages for an entire refund from date of purchase and compensation for misrepresentation and theft by deception. a fantastic read I AM MOVING ON WITH MY LIFE TO ANYTHING ELSE BUT VIRGIN MOBILE--DID YOU HEAR THAT BROADBAND 2 GO?

We customers have no say from what I can tell. Virgin Media No Internet Access But Connected Sometimes, if you use a slightly older version of the driver, it can work a little better than the most recent one. I've spoken with customer(no)service several times, trying to get the issue resolved, but now I'm out of MBs, and the rep I spoke with said the only way to resolve the He also told me he couldn't understand why none of the other techs had no idea that was the problem.

  1. Mar 01, 2013 Rating Removing Broadband by: gbellamy Like lots of others, the USB stick is very poor, I now want to remove it from the laptop, and guess what -
  2. Did you try your USB devices immediately after the OS Installation + all necessary drivers for the devices + all Windows updates and before installing any software.
  3. And you say you have all up to date driver software for all USB devices.
  4. And are you using just the standard windows firewall?
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  6. In the last six months I have had nothing but problems, however, when I called at the beginning they told me it was my router, so they replaced it, and this
  7. but as far as im aware this is the USB port issue...
  8. VM has cheated me ever since.

Virgin Media Wifi Not Working On Iphone

And wow! weblink The instructions are very vague, and it takes an act of god to activate. Can't Connect To Virgin Wifi Despite all of the issues reported with Broadband2Go, including customer service issues, if you buy a month of service, you should get 30 days. Virgin Media Wireless Problems Then double click on the adapter.

May 20, 2012 Rating mc 760 by: Elmo In response to my question posted April 26, 2012 I have gotten the kinks out and like others have said it is working this contact form The first time it happened I contacted customer service and some guy told me he only saw $50. Virgin used to be an MVNO of Sprint, however, Sprint purchased Virgin Mobile USA (VMU) on July 28th 2009, and they are now just as much owned by Sprint as is today shows 549 Used/ 174 Remaining = 723 Total ... Virgin Media Wifi Not Working Properly

Firstly, turn off your WIFI antenna. I agree, it gets expensive, and as the Web becomes even more content rich, anything other than an unlimited plan (which no longer truly exists) will require monitoring usage. And in a series, of I think I am on number 6 device, I am no closer to connecting than before because the thing while it says Activated and Connected...and a have a peek here I made them get me one.

it shouldn't display 0MBs used). Mediacom Wireless Router Problems They clearly state that you get speeds greater then we get now, they claim you can play online games, and they claim that you can stream videos. Good luck for NOW !!!

I am stuck right now using a USB modem from BB2go.

I take my "stick" out of my computer when I'm done so it doesn't connect "automatically" when I'm NOT using it. And I thought you guys used to be the best around; not anymore! You say your wireless adapter is having trouble, is there another USB device also having trouble, or is the trouble with a specific USB port? Virgin Media Router Lights Boy, was I surprised...

That my be you problem, they could be over riding you signal to make it slower. If you’ve saved these details before, your computer should remember how to connect to your wireless network, but it's worth checking that you’re definitely trying to connect to the right network.If Mar 17, 2013 Rating Data Session Dormant by: Anonymous This is funny as hell. Check This Out I didn't reach my quota of data nor speeds.

Like another comment below, I live in a rural area and have few options for connectivity.