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Virgin Media Free Speed Upgrade


Internet browsing incredibly slow. There is more to life! Reply 1 Kudo Shafreya Superuser 3.1K 162 614 Registered: ‎12-01-2015 Message 5 of 13 (985 Views) Flag for a moderator Re: Speed upgrade delay Post options Mark as New Bookmark this Virgin Media take speeds seriously and it shows. Source

All comments on here are anonymous and so we can't be 100% sure either way, although the original poster does seem to be a John and you are a Darren. C130 Error message displayed. Robert August 19, 2015 at 3:57 pm BTs current 300+Mb products are currently 20Mb upload only. Now Sky is a bit faster and yes uses Wifi to connect itself up (but I hear VM are also doing the same soon) and i have the same as I

Virgin Media Free Speed Upgrade

The same system applies with all broadband companies. Upload difference on top tier Virgin products is not much different to what people get in reality on the best FTTC line. Public service complaints Ever feel like your complaints to GPs or care homes are being ignored? I didn't use Darren when I signed up there back in 2007 because it was taken, so I used my middle name instead, John.

  1. The other 85+% with FTTC must all be suffering congestion to not get their 80Mb (snigger).
  2. You think 18Mb upload speed is slow?
  3. I don't care much about the benign "ordinary" peak-hour congestion, as I already factor this into the choices made.

Martin Moore Getting frequent ‘unusable' slow periods. Having spoken to Virgin media and escalated to a manger they claim that my subsequent bills fine print says that I have entered a new contract. Ignition August 17, 2015 at 8:06 pm Upload speeds are going up too. Virgin Media Broadband Speed Check The big companies won't volunteer the information that they owe you money, but soon jump on ya if you owe them money 0 | Reply ReportShare By commenting you agree

Mark Jackson August 17, 2015 at 6:30 pm Final speed tiers not officially confirmed, so there's always the possibility of another upload increase. All rights reserved. I even checked yesterday and I got a download speed of 0.45mbps. http://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Speed/Speed-upgrade-delay/td-p/3005253 The moto is don't sign up for anything until you've done ya homework, read the small print as there are always catches, and as the saying goes if it sounds too

kevin bates September 26, 2015 at 10:28 pm I pay for 100 mbps and get 106 mbps in every test iv done since the upgrade 6 months ago 🙂 paul October Virgin Media Upgrade Phone Carl August 18, 2015 at 8:26 am Hit the button early. These are consumer packages, not for shed servers pumping out traffic. A note on abbreviations: Mb = Megabit MB = Megabyte, which is different.

Virgin Media Speed Boost Cost

Is this a DDOS attack? Anyway hopefully these limits will go up with the speed increases or even taken away completely. Virgin Media Free Speed Upgrade Been experiencing intermittent service since June. Virgin Media Speed Upgrade Cost I think it's now 30Mb, but I have only paid extra following the usual increases.

MikeW August 19, 2015 at 5:51 pm @ComedyDoubleAct Incidentally, once the upgrade process (in @ComedyDoubleAct#1's link) completes, the Ofcom figures will have migrated to be - 63% on entry-level 50Mbps - http://wiiemulator.net/virgin-media/how-to-get-4od-on-virgin-media.html and repeated 'reviews' leading nowhere!).Far far better to make sure that everyone has what they are paying for, then pandering to the 'priveliged few who consistently gloat 'how they are getting Been told repair time is 17th October! It is at that point you could in theory reach the 750 MB (or if you prefer again that is 6000 Mb) limit. Virgin Speed Boost Cost

DanielM - what are you using at home as your connection for right now? you have any info? I just hope they mean 2016 as I now have SKY broadband for £5 a month so at least I can get online as I work from home. http://wiiemulator.net/virgin-media/virgin-media-internet-security-free-download.html Been down all morning - "no internet" "No connectivity, contact network operator" Mark Whenman switched from Sky to Virgin today..engineer came fitted everything.

Nat VM broadband 5.0 wifi dropping and 2.4 internet dropping, run tests and won't say what problem is, just say fixed in 10 mins each time and it isn't, been this Virgin Media Speed Upgrade 2016 I DONT THINK SO!! This is your Virgin Media cable TV and Internet server status page, where you can list or read any problems that occur with this service.

Imagine trying to upload some RAW images using VM's outdated throttles you'd manage 20 pictures before it throttled you….

Darren August 20, 2015 at 10:42 pm Lauren/Robert, the Ofcom testing doesn't tell the full picture, it hides the pure hell that people experience. our 10 Mb/s leased line is just about managing 1 Mb/s Bob KT4 internet & tv down for at least 12 hours so far! Shameful. Virgin Media Speed Checker Postcode I hope it's sorted for you soon.

but I am not confident on what they say TwistedAdonis Ditto NR E4 here too and been exactly like that for us too. Everyone else is on a legacy package. As with previous speed increases, there were no significant increases in customer base. Check This Out The forum is a channel for complaints and "most areas" were bad, most areas would be represented in the forum.

Paul October 17, 2015 at 1:58 am Just to let you know the upgrade is killing VM in this area, even long time users are looking elsewhere because of the lack Some of us need that upload speed and do not like to be throttled. Call center and visited support engineer promised to fix it till 16 October. Facebook Join us on facebook and we'll keep you up to date with the latest consumer guides and special offers.

Others question ‘uploading at full pelt' as though 12mbit was anything reasonable(soon to be 20). Sean Charles Plymstock, been sh*t for the last week an I need it to work from home. NeilM August 19, 2015 at 4:10 am "It’s self-evident, isn’t it? alun Turner had a new cable lade and cable to my house was cut so they could pull the new one through an they did no tell me i had no

they blindly choose a browser that is ‘faster' even though it functions are extremely limited… Sorry but you seem to have a lack of knowledge of *why* some websites are slow… Unless you in one of the lucky low utilisation areas which dont exist round here. That is one example of how computing has changed in the last 5 years. (previously this would of been unthinkable on a UK connection outside of leased lines) On Virgin it Steven October 12, 2015 at 7:30 pm Virgin are by far the best broadband supplier and anyone who thinks BT need help.

Legal to get simple and affordable legal advice from our expert lawyers. If they decide not to take it at that time then the customer is able to log into their online account to take the upgrade at any time before the program Reply 0 Kudos Shafreya Superuser 3.1K 162 614 Registered: ‎12-01-2015 Message 3 of 13 (1,023 Views) Flag for a moderator Re: Speed upgrade delay Post options Mark as New Bookmark this Not a word of warning, apology or anything!

http://postimg.org/image/sxw3soid7/ TheFacts August 22, 2015 at 5:53 pm Where are those latency figures measured from and to? I have just signed up to their mobile phone package for £15 per month that includes unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and unlimited data. http://www.pixeldamage.net pixeldamage VM is down for me in W10 London Rob Same here in Raynes Park (London SW20).